Dedan’s Success Story

Dedan and his mother before intervention
Dedan doing well after the project intervention

Caroline Akoth is a single mother of four from one of the fishing communities. She separated from her first husband after living painful abusive marriage which left her infected with HIV.  Dedan (5yrs old OVC) is her last born son whom she gave birth to with the second husband.  It is after Dedan’s birth that she discovered she was HIV positive because Dedan was diagnosed with HIV. This led to a lot of stress and regrets on her part and she wished that she would have just stayed single after her first abusive marriage.

When the household was enrolled with one of our projects (CRS project), Dedan was so weak from malnourishment and effects of HIV with very high viral load (VL). After a thorough household vulnerability assessment, a case plan was developed with the help of a community health volunteer (CHV) and the need to strengthen the family of economically was singled out as the first priority to address food security and other social needs.

Caroline was given emergency fund to urgently mitigate social challenges like food security, health and other needs.

Besides household strengthening, DEVLINK/ CRS Project was able to facilitate the household to seek health services at the County referral hospital. At the referral hospital, the project staff linked Dedan with the nutrition department who assigned one of their staff to monitor Dedan’s progress.  Several tests were run on him and he was diagnosed with TB. The project paid off Dedan’s hospital bills upon discharge.  The project also supported the household/ Caroline with business fund (seed fund) to start Income Generating Activity (IGA) of choice.

After continuous monitoring of the household by the Social worker and the Household Economic Strengthening specialist (HES) who provided skills on how to manage her business, the boy’s health has improved and her mother is able to provide basic needs for the house hold through the business that was initiated by the project business fund.  The family is happy and appreciates support they have received from DEVLINK /CRS which has given hope and courage to live again. Dedan, though looks fit and ready to join school as his peers and to participate in age appropriate games and activities.

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